composer/musician/ZTT artist

S H I N Y   F L O O R   S H I N Y   C E I L I N G

A U D I E N C E  R E S P O N S E

Andrew Poppy’s Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling has stayed with me. Ghostly singers, beautiful songs, enthralling visuals, and Andrew the crux, pouring words like rain-sticks. A dark spell of a concert, enthralling. More than a concert really, a show of musical shadows, feelings, subconscious thoughts. Shiny fucking awesome.

Bob Karper

Imagine the chilly simplicity of a crystal, or, diamond, just those few facets flashing, so now listen, you have the sound of Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling, only what's needed, floor of thud bass drum, ceiling of mirror ball glistening hi-hats, each reflecting the other, like laser, or, prison, between them an edge of vibraphone, or, glockenspiel, faint resounding roll of piano, or, crush of stratocaster, maybe as if from warmer times, long gone, or, should you dare to believe it, yet to come, a drift of strings, between this vertical bracket, voices who sing, or, speak, and who if seen yet often are not, or, when not, float x-ray-like in thin, faintly smoked air, like ghosts, or, promises not yet broken, or, when seen, seem arrested on their point of departing, conjured up by Mr Poppy our living master of ceremonies, and he announcing, wondering, guessing at what is to come, or, staving off its uncertainty, what more beautiful way to pass an hour just before dawn, or, breakfast, or, war, in a deep slow-motion black box cabaret which Berlin would surely know as its own, had that city once but had the grace to admit a little tenderness, or, even grant but a nod to the ever shining flame of a love song.

                                            Glyn Perrin

This is work which I feel appeals across genre and age - it could equally attract a following of ageing aficionados, and a young crowd who's musical experiences were more limited.

                                                                     Frances M Lynch

I thought that the piece was very effective in creating a real spatial, poetic and dramatic sense of being inside someone's head. The other performers seems to appear and disappear as emanations of your imagination, summoned by the music created for them, and they had varying degrees of solidity, as people do in our memory..... I loved the playful conundrums of the opening monologue - the impossibility of grasping things as they slip by in time and memory, the slipperiness of language itself .

                                                                                           Nicholas Till

I feel that this show capture's the essence of Andrew Poppy's art. He has a unique voice and this show needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

                    Errollyn Wallen  MBE

...from a ghostly electronic opera to an almost unheard of form of new experimental rock, the music was thrilling and kept us until the end to the edge of our seats. The performers were carefully selected to bring the most out of each song, with Claudia Brücken and Guillermo Rozenthuler giving particularly exceptional performances.

                           Othon Mataragas

Hey Mr Poppy! In short I thought everything about it was fantastic.  From entering the  glitter-ball lit darkened space to your rock-raconteur persona to the presence of your fellow storyteller-singers. I loved the subtle flair with which you introduced each of them and the sense that they seemed so familiar to me - reminding me of other icons, musicians, rock-gods, mythical starlets, poets, ancient heroes, bubble-gum pop stars, heart-breaking crooners, telephone adverts.  It was kind of like being at a gig, but the amazing visuals made the whole experience epic, filmic, like I was in a film...And more than that. It had a weight, something more thoughtful and considered, yet, there was humour and knowingness in there too and a nod towards forms such as cabaret, theatre, club nights. It just felt really rich.  Really exciting. Amazing music. I'd like to see it again.                                                 

                                                                                     Sheila Ghelani

What was most interesting, is the way that classical and kraut rock/techno worlds come together seamlessly taking us into uncharted musical territory.

                                                                                  Andy Saunders

Loved it! I wrote to various friends that this was what I needed too, affirmation that creative work should be about inventing your own universe and inviting others in. Please put it on again! I'll bring everyone. It was wonderful!

      Hilary Robinson

......everyone wins, especially the audience.

                                                                                            Paul Barker